System Requirements

TheSign runs as .NET- application on all Windows® versions which supports the Microsoft© .NET framework. Actual the .NET framework 2.0 is required.



Extract the Program

Start the installer and choose the location where you want to store the program, e.g. on your Desktop, in your Documents or on onto a USB-Stick

Generate your own key pair

Use the windows explorer to navigate to the directory which you've generated in the previous step. In that directory there's a file called Start this file with a doubleclick.

A command prompt window will open, asking for several parameters. Answer all questions just with <RET>, until the program asks for your real name. From there please enter your following details:

Question Input Example
real name: Your real name Klaus Mustermann
email: Your Email address
comment: Your Company, Division and Department Cyberdyne LA Development

confirm your input with „O“, if correct.

When asked for your PassPhrase, input your password. Store the password on a secure place, as it can not be recovered and you would not be able to sign anymore with your actual key.

After that the program does all the mathematical calculation to generate your key data. After done that, the command prompt window closes automatically.

TheSign can now be started from the windows program start bar.

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