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The Advantage of Signing Documents Digitally

TheSign is made for just one intention: To digitally sign documents and send them via email instead of the old fashioned way of carrying paper hard copies back and forward to all the relevant approved signatories.

  • It reduces turnaround times from days down to minutes
  • signatures can be digitally stored and distributed
  • documents can be signed by many persons simultaneously
  • piles of documents can be crosschecked for signature completeness automatically

TheSign Key Characteristics

  • It's works seamless together with Outlook®, so it takes just 2 mouse clicks to sign a document and reply the signature back to the requester
  • It uses the worldwide proven standard GPG as back end
  • It's released under the GPL, so it's free to use for everyone

How does all this work?

To find out how all this works, have a look into "How do Digital Signatures work"

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