Welcome to SKDS

SKDS is a unique tool to diagnose all Vehicle Electronic Control Modules (ECUs)

SKDS Classic is connected via a serial voltage converter directly to the ISO9141 K- Line

SKDS CAN uses a CANCard or a CANCase to communicate to the ISO11898-2 CANBus

SKDS can be adjusted by its script language to any Electronic Control Module (ECU) in protoype vehicles

The Advantages of SKDS

The SKDS Script language is used to react very flexibly on new diagnostic specifications and ECU software updates.

SKDS - A Unique Window into the Vehicle Diagnostics World

  • SKDS is free
  • The Skript files and their usage is protected by a RSA Public Key System
  • Genereration of ECU specific SKDS script files
  • Observe all diagnostic traffic in a bus tracing window (Bus sniffer)
  • New: Remote Diagnostics between two SKDS users via Skype (VoIP)

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